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The National Anthem

Russell Rinker and George Hoffman singing the National Anthem at the Strasburg Express Baseball game on 7/25/2014.




The Express features live performances of the National Anthem at every home game, with the program run and organized by Judy Rinker, wife of board member Rick Rinker. Judy has been deeply involved in all kinds of music for many years and has directed many a youth choir with a wonderful knack for drawing the best out of her singers.   The National Anthem talent that Judy “recruits” is all local and we have been blessed with many outstanding performances. The duo of George Hoffman and Russell Rinker has been very popular-George has graced many stages and choirs with his rich voice for many years and Russell, Judy and Rick’s son, is professional grade-literally-as he travels the world performing with the well-known Blue Man Group ( , along with occasional acting performances on the stage and screen. Russell sings without the blue makeup on his visits to Strasburg.   We’re featuring here a video of a performance this past season by George and Russell.


Anyone wanting to perform should contact Judy Rinker, or contact the Express through our web site and connect them with Judy.

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